Snuggly Mask brought to you by SnugglyCat Inc.

Our Goal Is To Help In The Battle Against Covid19

We are the Inventors and manufacturer of the Award-winning, US Patented Ripple Rug; a pet-enrichment system designed for cats, (and other 4-legged friends). We manufacture the Ripple Rug in the United States using recycled plastic bottles. Over 120 US employees, located at 10 separate companies, in 6 states contribute to our Ripple Rug project.

As residents of New York state, we’re acutely aware and saddened by the shortage of medical gear available to fight this devastating corona virus. Like you, we are concerned for our friends and family members, especially those in risk at this difficult time. We want to make a difference. We are currently taking the steps to re-tool our factory and  make masks to help those in need.


We having been manufacturing the Ripple Rug, for over 7 years.

When faced with one of society’s biggest challenge of recent times, we at SnugglyCat, decided that we needed to implement modifications to our existing pipelines, in order to be able to produce a range of PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) to help.

While our goal is to manufacturer the masks that our medical professionals so desperately need, we must be realistic, this will take several weeks to source raw-materials and re-tool our factory, not to mention raise enough capital to get this completed (we’re hoping that official government channels may be able help us with this). In the interim, we have sourced and tested a variety of disposable masks via our textile partners, to help those essential workers and emergency personnel who continue to work everyday, putting themselves at risk of infection.

Working closely with a testing lab, (one we’ve used since the beginning, to test the efficacy of our beloved Ripple Rug), we’ve been able to identify different materials that have the ability to filter particulates, such as airborne microbial and inert particles. We believe that this will help us in creating effective PPE.

We are always committed to making our products in the USA and will continue to do so with our mask project once the machinery is in place. In the interim, we will also source quality materials and other PPE from overseas to help individuals whom have an immediate need right now. As always, we will perform due diligence and testing of how effective the materials we source prove to be. We only sell products we test and verify their efficacy.

From the bottom of our hearts, we’d also like to thank all those in the front lines for their constant devotion, bravery and hard work during these difficult times.

More to come soon, for now, we hope that the information on this site, plus the material we have for sale, will help you with your mask making/sourcing efforts.

Fred & Natasha Ruckel, Co-Founders of SnugglyCat Inc. (and SnugglyMask).



Health and Safety is our primary concern.

Whenever possible, those who can work on our projects work from home do.

In our manufacturing facility, our workers wear face-masks, their temperatures are taken daily,  the number of employees working at one time has been reduced to ensure ample physical space between them.

Use of hand-sanitizer (provided by our friends from Le-Glue), and regular hand-washing is regularly encouraged. Equipment is not shared.

We continually follow the guidelines and recommendations given to us by our friends at the CDC.


“We want to help. We want to be part of the global effort tackling this devastating virus. Our first step is to identify textile partners who can supply the right materials for the job and the tooling necessary to manufacture PPE in our Ripple Rug factory.

We promise to test all of our products and provide performance data, so that you may evaluate if the product delivered may provide you with the level of benefits that you require.”

Fred & Natasha Ruckel, Co-Founders of SnugglyCat Inc. (and SnugglyMask).